BSC’s extensive portfolio of major NASA and Defense oriented projects require a deep understanding of advanced software development as a standard prerequisite. These R&D efforts demand unqualified excellence when utilizing sophisticated development and analytical tools to ensure program success. Bay Systems employs numerous PH.D.s, Masters candidates, and software professionals who support projects such as (ISRDS) 2, SIMLabs, (EAST) 2, NICS, and the NASA Advanced Supercomputing Division (NAS).


Those world-class programs require using SharePoint, Agile, VMS simulations tools, UAS telemetry software, Fusion, Matlab, Simulink, Java, C++, C, Mathematica, SAS, SQL, LaTex Analytical, Algorithm Design, Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Simulation, Data Analysis, Signal Processing, Optimization, Algorithmic Programming, Scientific Computing, Image and Signal Processing, Machine Learning, and Cyber Security programming.

BSC also won key patents in the emerging nanotechnology field relating to NanoParticles and NanoTubes. NASA has recognized this as a new technology and invention. 


Intelligent Systems Research and Development Support-2 (ISRDS-2)

This contract provides highly specialized research support in the following domains: artificial intelligence (AI), knowledge-based systems, knowledge discovery and data mining, information processing and sensors, prognostic signal analysis, model-based diagnostic reasoning, system fault diagnostics, prognostics, automated software methodologies, software verification, validation and safety assurance, fault-tolerant computing hardware and networking, tele-presence and tele-control of remote, mobile platforms, autonomous and adaptive control, unmanned aero and terrestrial based vehicle technologies, human-centered computing, collaborative system design, quantum computing, and distribution of research information in various formats and forums.


Bay Systems provides highest level software development & architect services in support of following missions:

  • International Space Station

  • Mission to Mars

  • Advanced Computing & IT Systems

  • Aeroscience

  • Unmanned Air Traffic Management

  • Astrobiology & Life Sciences

  • Space Missions

  • Intelligent/Adaptive Systems

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