Our Awards, Inventions & Patents


NASA Small Business Subcontractor of the Year 2018 & 2012​

(EAST) 2 Team of the Month, June 2019

Plus 8 Additional Awards

Table Mountain Special Recognition Award

July 2019

Excellence Awards , NASA/SAIC

SimLab I & II (Ames), EASTII (Marshall)

Return to Flight - Special Recognition Award NASA Headquarters

CIO Peer & Achiever Award 

Marshall Space Flight Center

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Key Supplier Recognition Award

Inventions & Patents

Bay Systems helped develop unique and innovative bio-based Nanoparticles and annealed metal, non-particle decorated Nanotubes.

The technology reduced the cost of  methane detection and numerous critical mission advances to help the ISS maintain a safe environment. 

Invention #1: Annealed Metal Nano-particle decorated nanotube

Insight: a method and a system for managing complex interconnection of data and its derivatives

Invention #2

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